Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Salazar and friends

Saw Ken Salazar tap-dance through a Democratic Ladies luncheon today.
He says it would be too time-consuming to impeach Bush.
He says it's important to support Mark Udall.
He says we will not go to war with Iran.
He says the Dems have been busy re-writing the mission statement for Iraq.
He says Colorado is a clean energy state and he's very proud of that.
He had a good George Bush at the White House story, but besides that, is
sort of unimpressive in his level of activism as a U.S. Senator.

However, the crowd was nice -- friendly --

I fear the worse for my little tugboat of a campaign during the final stretch.
We are listing under the heavy winds of Sierra Club and PLAN-Boulder and city council member non-endorsements. Additionally, I passed Mark Ruzzin on the street and he looked at me dead on and said, "I hate you."

I'm sorry, that's not true. And I actually like Mark. I think he needs to be removed from government and barred from further political activity, but other than that, I think he's a great guy.

The problem is that all these great guys and gals on council don't always act in the best interests of everyday residents and people fighting to get by in our community.

I was at the PLAN forum several weeks ago and told the audience that I am an activist. And after sharing that, candidate Massey felt it important to say that he is not one. Look...Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his lovely wife Bertha -- I mean Ellie -- they were activists. The reason we have Social Security is because of activism. The same for civil rights in the workplace and the right of women to vote. Activism is all about creating a better society.

We need people in government who are going to hold feet to the fire when the priorities become short-term economic goals and not long-term human sustainability interests. And not "go along to get along."

Please....I need your vote!!!!

And if I already have it, please tell a friend with an email, a phone call, or a knock on their door.
ALSO....when you vote, vote for the minimum number of candidates you deeply support. You are not required to vote for seven, and when you do restrict the number of candidates you support, you increase my chances, and my chances could use a little help.

If you want to reach me for any reason...say you know a forum where bomb-throwing anarchists like myself completely fit in...don't hesitate to call my campaign cell number:

Thanks ...and please check out my KGNU interview and various other links that I shall post within the next several days.

Love ya',



Tom Riley 2007 said...

Rob is a good man.

He isn't actually a bomb-throwing anarchist. And, he does not need to manufacture credibility.

I am struck by his genuine compassion and insight everytime I talk with him. His humor ain't half-bad either.

Just the other day candidate Phil Bradley mentioned that gas was cheaper than milk. Rob remarked that we should give tax credits to anyone who rides their cow to work.

Rob's intelligence and insight should be heard. I encourage everyone to discuss Boulder's election with Rob. You will without a doubt walk away more informed than prior to the converstaion and you will walk away with a smile.

Robert Paul Smoke said...

Thanks for the kind thoughts, Tom ----- hope you win if I don't