Thursday, September 27, 2007

Ele4ction Diary Entry -- How to Pick a Winner in the Kentucky Derby without Really Trying

Remember: A) The Kentucky Derby is almost always won by a huge longshot.
B) The size of the council field is exactly the size field of the Kentucky Derby.
C) An online 'expert' has set my odds at 100-to-1
D) Mercury is in retrograde starting the night before the ballots go out!
E) That means upsets!
F) Batten the hatches, we're in for a bumpy ride, or whatever it was Betty Davis said.

And if that isn't enough for you, read this diary entry. I'll try to update as we progress the next two weeks -- thanks for checking it out.

i dont live on the last unpaved road in boulder for nothing election diary entry
I don't live on the last unpaved road in Boulder for nothing. OR...
how to pick a winner in a crucial city council election...
Here are the facts of this election...there are two incumbents running (Gray and Wilson) who approved a transit village plan that intends to put 1,600 hundred units of housing in a tract development offering 1 percent green space via two tiny postage stamp-sized pocket parks and they're telling everyone it's a good thing and something that's very environmentally conscious. (So everyone who lives there can drive to the nearest shade tree.) I don't buy it and I don't think anyone should have to buy that. You probably have at least another five candidates who brag about having the endorsement of the people who are voting for that very thing (Pierson, Massey, Appelbaum, maybe a couple more) -- so you have another clue there, and then you have things like this League forum episode, which I personally went to bat to keep on the air, which included telling everyone I know multiple times how upset I was, and making sure people knew what was going on, and I never, ever saw any members of council say they outright oppose the decision of the city manager and how do I know this? I know this because I was the guy who went to multiple meetings and took time out of his day to stand up in front of council and tell council and anyone else who would listen that it was wrong.
I'm telling it to you straight--I oppose the brand of thinking that has been prevalent on council so I don't feel I'm exaggerating the level of problem we have here and the work that needs to be done to turn things around--and I do happen to know urban planning issues well enough to know when I smell either a dead rat, or something that constitutes a massive donation of public wealth to a very small subset of people who insist on earning extraordinary returns on the dollar invested. I've lived here 21 years and I don't appreciate that and I don't think anyone should be made to feel that they should appreciate that, because there are plenty of other options and options that would preserve certain values that a lot of us share. If you can hear and appreciate what I'm saying, please --give me your vote and I will work to restore community values and values of human sustainability here in the city of Boulder which is still a very special wonderful place to live. Thank you very much.
And, oh, by the way...Seth Brigham is in ft. Logan mental hospital. Apparently the police visited with him last night after a harassment complaint from a neighbor and now he's gone. I presume his dog 'pockets' is getting excellent care somewhere. I'm sure he misses Seth. Seth did leave a message with me indicating he thought it very likely they would kill him; however, he's been leaving this type of message for me periodically since I've known him. I think I identify with Seth because he's familiar with some of the same variety of ethnic urban culture that I grew up with -- a version of it anyway. He seems to have been struggling lately and I'm sure he's deserving of either prayer or kind thoughts.

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